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Problem Solving and Decision Making


As an individual, facts and knowledge can only go so far. Solving tough problems requires the ability to define the true problem, analyze the possible causes, create options, select the most feasible option, and then implement it.


This workshop should help individuals enhance their efforts to find sustainable solutions and learn new ways to approach problem-solving to reach win-win decisions.



How You Will Benefit


  • Increase your awareness of problem solving steps and problem-solving tools
  • Distinguish root cause from symptoms to identify the right solution for the right problem
  • Improve your problem-solving and decision making skills through identifying your own problem-solving style
  • Improve your ability to participate in and communicate about a collaborative problem-solving process
  • Recognize the top ten rules of good decision making



What You Will Cover


  • Practical application in problem solving
  • Define a problem
  • Describe the ideal problem solver
  • Identify the types of problems encountered
  • The problem solving model
  • Using fishbone analysis
  • Problem solving toolkit
  • Facts vs. information
  • 10 ingredients for good decision making
  • Gradients of agreement
  • The decision making process
  • Decision making traps
  • Problems as given/problems as understood
  • Types of decisions (including bad ones)
  • Implementing a decision



Ways to Register




Program Fee: $2,249


Date: February 5-6, May 5-6, August 25-26, November 10-11, 2015