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Journalism and Multi Media


Do you like talking to people?  Are you curious about what is going on in the world and like the idea of telling people about the events both near and far?  This Journalism and Multi Media workshop could be the area of specialization for you.


With a focus on writing, reporting, and reading the news for television, you are active in the community – interviewing people, recording the sound and shooting the visuals, as well as writing and presenting the stories on the air.


How You Will Benefit


  • Learn how to write and report a television news story
  • Techniques and skills of being a television videographer
  • Operate the camera and edit your stories
  • News gathering and production techniques


What You Will Cover


  • Television
  • What is Communication
  • Who is a Journalist
  • What is News
  • Journalist – Core Principles
  • Importance of Television
  • Television – The People and Positions
  • Script Writing
  • Reporting
  • News Presenter
  • News Production
  • Camera
  • Video Editing
  • Time Management
  • Use of Sound
  • Graphics
  • Different Formats


Ways to Register



Program Fee: $2,499


Duration: 1 week (Sept 22-26, 2015)